Team/Individual Pictures:
January 12
*Elementary Wrestlers, please arrive prior to 3:45, if possible, but make sure you are in the gym by 3:45pm, to be included in the team photo.

PICTURE DAY ORDER LINK - Team and Individual Photos
- Please use the link above to place an on-line order. If you prefer to write a check or send cash, your wrestler will have a paper order form.

Head Coach: Ray Kivi -  

Assistant Coaches: Joe Lavallee,Mike Nava, Garett Pfaffanbach


Christmas Classic (V, N) – December 16th
Bella Vista (V)- January 13th
Harris (JV, N)- January 15th
Eldorado Hills (V, JV, N, Elm) January 20th
Whitney High (V, JV, N, Elm) February 3rd
EGUSD Championship (V) February 15th (tentative)
NORCAL Girls Regionals February 18th
Sac Area Regionals (V) February 24th
Tournament Of Champions (V) March 10th

Practice Schedule:
Athletic Study Hall (KAMS 7th and 8th Wrestlers)
  -- Be dressed for practice (except wrestling shoes) and in the room by 3:15pm.
  -- Bring 60 minutes of school work to do and a book to read when done. 
  -- This is a privilege and may be revoked at any time.
  -- Mondays and Tuesdays - C11 with Mrs. Seto
  -- Wednesdays - MK2 with Mr. Swain
  -- Thursdays and Fridays - MH7 with Ms. Washington

*NOTE: January 30 - Practice will end early. The team will walk to Pleasant Grove High School to watch their Wrestling Dual. Details to follow.
*Practice schedules are subject to change. Wrestlers will be notified of changes.