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Katherine Albiani Middle School Clubs 2018- 2019

This year KAMS has a variety of clubs to suit the needs of all students. We encourage students to get involved. Clubs not only provide students with an opportunity to explore a topic of interest, but it also allows a safe place for students to be with friends and have fun!  Students can join a club at any time. If they would like to start a club, they simply need a teacher advisor to oversee the club and a minimum of 15 students to show interest.  When students turn in the club paperwork, ASB then approves the club and  meetings can begin.  Friday at lunch students can sign up for clubs they are interested I attending.


Club & Description



Day & Time

Albiani All Stars Club

The Albiani All-Star Award is one of the highest and most prestigious awards that students can earn while attending Katherine Albiani Middle School. Students who receive their Albiani All-Star Award have exhibited excellent citizenship both inside and outside of school. Hours of service will begin from the first day of school in 7th grade, and continue through April of the 8th grade year. In order to earn the Albiani All-Star Award, students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, with no F’s or U’s on their transcript. Students cannot be on the No Activity List two weeks prior to the 8th grade Awards Night where they will be honored. Students are active members of the Albiani All-Star Club while completing the requirements for this award. They attend meetings throughout the school year, complete petitions to document their work toward the award, complete a final essay, and regularly meet with the Albiani All-Star Advisors.




Mrs. Richards


Mrs. Howe

Meetings will be on Wednesday mornings from 7:15 to 7:45 am in room



A list of all meeting dates will be provided at the first meeting on Wednesday, September 26th.

Albiani Mentors Club

To work with the student and the teacher to improve the students’ abilities

To help students having troubles with reading, math, writing, behavior, social skill, & preparation skills

To give back to the community

To prepare students for middle school

To gain leadership skills


Mrs. Brown

M, T, W, F

7:30 am – 8:00 am

American Sign Language Club

👋🏻 Would you like to learn a foreign language? ✊🏻 Come join the KAMS American Sign Language Club. 👌🏻 Meetings are Thursday mornings at 8:00am in room MC-6. 🤞🏻 Our focus is on conversational ASL. 👈🏻 Come one ☝🏻, come all!


Ms. McNeel

Ms. Adevia

Thursday mornings at 8:00am

Anime Club

A place where students can come and share their interest about Anime. They can draw, read, and watch anime.


Ms. McTizic


both Lunches

Art Club

A place where students can come and share their interest in Art and Creativity. They can draw, create, share, and learn new skills.


Ms. McTizic

Thursdays @, 7:25-8 am

Chinese Lion Dance Club

Learn and share in the ancient tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing and the Chinese culture.Learn to perform the lion, drum, cymbals and gong for Chinese New Year celebrations.


Mrs. Seto


BSU, Jr.

This club is an opportunity for all students interested in African-American culture to gather and discuss common interests. In addition, KAMS students will work closely with BSU at Pleasant Grove High School to form a partnership.


Pleasant Grove High School BSU Preamble

We the members of Pleasant Grove High School’s Black Student Union associate ourselves for the purpose of motivating students to become involved on campus, and to coordinate activities to strengthen the awareness of the African-American culture. All members shall actively participate in activities and service to the Pleasant Grove community to celebrate the rich culture of Africa and achievements of African Americans throughout history. Our further purpose is to enhance literacy and understanding between cultures and promote self-awareness and pride among African Americans relative to their culture and heritage.


Mr. Caston

Thursday mornings, 8:15 am

Club Live & #ICANHELP (Joining Forces)

Club Live program engages middle school students in opportunities to develop leadership skills and a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle through alternative activities and involvement in their community. The focus is on changing community norms related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as preventing and reducing harm to young people and community members.


#ICANHELP- delete negativity

Our club is created for students to have a place to be educated and empowered to use social media Positively as a way to combat cyber issues and Delete Negativity, through Kindness and Empathy.


Ms. McNeel

Thursday mornings at 8:15 am

Drama Club: KAMS Theatre Company A club for students who are interested in performing arts (acting, singing, dancing, and back-stage work). Members do not need to be in the school productions or in the Theatre Arts: Drama or Musical Theatre classes.


Mrs. Campbell

Tuesday, October 2 at 7:40 a.m.

Drawing Club

Club will meet to provide a space for students that enjoy drawing and art.


Mr. Hazdovac

Mr. Dan Morris

Wednesday’s during 7th grade lunch

Harry Potter Club

This is a club for Harry Potter fans. During out weekly meetings we will discuss Harry Potter. We will discuss theories or just talk about why the books are so great. We will have monthly trivia and put people into Harry Potter “houses”. We can also watch the movies. Club members will come up with other ideas for our club once we start meeting.


Mrs. Mederios

Thursday @ 8-8:45 am

KAMS Fundraising Club

We are going to be fundraising for Diabetic Alert Dogs. In the first meeting we will talk about what is diabetes and how can service dogs/animals help. We will also explain the difference between service dogs, security dogs, and emotional support animals.


Mrs. Campbell

Wednesdays during 8th grade lunch

KAMS JAMS (Show Choir Club)

This is a club to show off your creativity in song, dance, and fashion. We are looking for singers, dancers, artists, drawers, painters, engineers, and anyone who wants to express themselves through the arts. We’ll meet in MD-27 during 8th grade lunch. First meeting will be Wednesday, October 3. Mrs. Campbell is the advisor.


Mrs. Campbell

Wednesdays during 8th grade lunch


A place where anyone can meet to hang out and openly and safely talk about LGBTQ issues and concerns.

MJ-6 or MH-8

Ms. Ladd-Fuller


Ms. Evans

Friday Mornings at 7:10- 7:50 am

KAMS Teen Library Advisory Club

Come help promote and support KAMS Library and join the KAMS Library Advisory Club. Club members will help with the monthly library challenges, recommend books to other students, help with library displays and decorations. help out at our Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser, and get access to the newest books @ KAMS Library. Club members must commit to work one lunch shift every week.

KAMS Library

Mrs. Kennedy, KAMS Teacher Librarian


Usually last Friday of the month during both lunches

Science Olympiad

Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 8,000 teams in all 50 states. We participate in annual tournaments on college campuses and workshops that showcase innovative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).




Tanya Werner, Korena Hendryx

Amy Goff,

Cindy Harte

Days TBD

(at least 3 days a week after school)

Spanish Club

Spanish club is for all students who are interested in speaking Spanish! Whether you speak Spanish at home, occasionally with relatives, are in a Spanish class now, or just want to learn a few words and phrases. Come practice and have fun with us at lunch every other Thursday. We will practice speaking, get to know each other, explore different Spanish Speaking countries of the world, and learn about the benefits of bilingualism.

7th grade lunch: MJ-5


8th grade lunch: MK-1

Ms. Aguilar


Senora Evans



Ms. Sanford

Meeting are during lunch

Every other Thursday Starting 9/27

(9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8…)

Star Wars Club

A club that provides a place for students with an interest in Star Wars and wish to share their passion with other students. The Star Wars club will serve as a social group allowing students to enjoy their passion in a safe place on campus. Students will discuss/debate old and new themes within the films and how it can relate to their life and our society as a whole.We watch Star Wars movies, discuss characters or upcoming films, and make posters for May the 4th. New Jedi’s are always welcome, even if you know nothing about Star Wars!


Mr. Hazdovac


Mrs. Hazdovac

Tuesday Mornings at 7:30 am


Wyldlife Club is the middle school version of Young Life: a non-denominational Christian organization.

Wyldlife is all about games, skits, music and fun!


Ms. McNeel

Every other Thursday

7:30am – 8:30 am


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