Student Schedule FAQs

Scheduling FAQs
Posted on 08/14/2018

Albiani M.S. Counseling Department

Scheduling FAQs


Welcome to the new school year!

The counseling department is looking forward to working with students to help them have a successful and positive experience at KAMS. Below is information related to frequently asked questions about schedules and class placements.

When does my child get their official schedule?

All student schedules will be available for pick up between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the first day of school, August 16th. Please be advised that prior to picking up the official paper schedule, courses reflected in Synergy may not be accurate. To ensure accuracy, all students need to pick up an official paper schedule by 9 a.m. on the first day of school. All schedules are subject to change during the first few weeks of school due to class size balancing and when initial diagnostic testing results indicate that a placement change is needed.

Where does my child get their official schedule?

 7th grade schedules will be distributed on the outside stage area in the quad.

 8th grade schedules will be distributed inside the Multipurpose Room (MP).

What if my child needs a schedule change?

If a student has a schedule change, counselors will work with students to accommodate the best placement available at that time. Schedule changes are based upon placement need and teacher recommendations.

What if my child does not like their elective?

 Our counseling team works very hard to schedule students into their top 5 electives as indicated on the course request form, and every effort has been made to do so. KAMS has over 1,450 students, which may mean that not every student will receive a desired elective course. If you are scheduled into an elective that you weren’t expecting, we ask you to be flexible, expand your horizons by using a growth mindset, and try something new and different before requesting a schedule change with your counselor. Please note that changes to electives are based upon scheduling need, not preference.

How do I change my child’s math placement?

Math placements are determined by district assessments, standardized test scores, and the 6th grade math placement test. To ensure correct placement, Albiani math teachers provide initial assessments during the first weeks of school. If you have a question or concern regarding your child’s math placement, please work with your child’s assigned math teacher to discuss the best placement option. If a change in placement is recommended by that math teacher, they will notify the counselor of the need for a schedule change.


How do I contact my child’s counselor?

 Call Student Services at (916) 686-5210, send an e-mail request, or complete a Counselor Request Form in Student Services.

* Please note that we are here to help and will do our best to respond to your requests in a timely manner. Please allow 48 hours (2 business days) upon receipt of messages to receive a response. We are not always able to accommodate drop-ins so it is usually best to leave a message, e-mail, or request an appointment.

Please check out the counseling page for additional information located on the school’s website at 

Other notes: Due to the size of our school and the number of students we have, we are not able to accommodate individual requests for teachers. All of the staff at Albiani are dedicated professionals who are committed to providing your child with the best educational experience possible. If you have a concern with an individual teacher, you will first need to attempt to work with that teacher to allow them the opportunity to address your concerns directly.


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