OOTI Cast and Crew List

Once On This Island Jr.

All positions are tentative until signed contracts are received.

 All cast (characters and ensemble) should attend a brief meeting after school Friday, August 24.

 All company (cast, crew, choreographers) should attend the first rehearsal on Monday, August 27 from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m..


Characters                                                                          Players

Little Girl/Little Ti Moune/Peasant Girl                                    Chelsea Banghart(H)

Storyteller 1                                                                        Carmen James

Storyteller 2                                                                        Alyssa Lucke

Storyteller 3                                                                        Sydney Pierce

Storyteller 4                                                                        Carson Gudel

Mama Euralie                                                                      Avery Fowler

Tonton Julian                                                                      Wyatt Pruett

Ti Moune                                                                            Angela Yang

Daniel Beauxhomme                                                            Matthew Yazel

Gatekeeper                                                                         Rynn Phan(H)

Daniel’s Father                                                                    Zachary Goetzke(H)

Andrea                                                                               Fiorella Pisi(H)

Papa Ge                                                                             Emma Lam

Asaka                                                                                Taryn Bajar

Agwe                                                                                 Sofia James

Erzulie                                                                                Emma Garcia

Ensemble: Storytellers, Grands Hommes, Villagers, Gossipers, Dancing Partner, Guests, Peasants, Heart Dancers(H), Rain Dancers(R)

Sukhom Ahluwalia(H), Hannah Alaga(R), Sydney Avila(R), Valerie Bedrik(R), Carole Craddock(R), Ali Holmes(H), Zoe Iverson(H), Athena Liebel(R), Lia Kimble(H), Alyssa Luna(H), Katelyn Nguyen(H), Kristina Pogodina(H), and Lisa Thayer(R)


Ivan Aflleje, Catherine Bakey, Dylan Crooks, Maren DeMille Isabella Escobar, Alysa Hays, Chloe Land, Skyler Marangi, Zender Matsumoto, Maylin On, Nathan Ott, Kassi Parsons, Aaron Reza, and Jane Seavers



Kathy Le, Bryor Lewis, Emily McHale, Jeremy Rose, and Hailey Truong