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Course Description

Honors English 8 addresses reading, writing, listening and speaking within a rigorous standards-based program. Instruction will include reading comprehension, writing in narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory, language conventions, vocabulary development in meaningful contexts, and reference skills. Students will study various genres including the short story, novel, drama, biography, poetry, and informational materials as dictated by California Common Core Standards. Honors goes beyond English 8 with extended learning activities that require students to increase their use of critical thinking skills to include analysis, synthesis, and problem solving. The curriculum moves at an accelerated pace with a more concentrated focus.
English Honors 8 is designed for students performing at the Standards Exceeded and/or Standards Met levels. Students do not have to apply for this course, but must be willing to accept the challenges of the course and make an earnest effort to do their best.
As a general policy, Honors English students will remain enrolled in the course for the semester to avoid curriculum conflicts.

Core Works:
– Refugee by Alan Gratz

Supplementary Honors Works:
– Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
–  Lord of the Flies by William Golding
– The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros