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Physical Education

KAMS Physical Education Teachers

The Albiani Physical Education Department works hard to provide an environment where your student can be successful. We believe in educating the mind and body. Students will be involved in a variety of sporting units through out the school year. The units vary from 7th to 8th grade to allow your student the opportunity to try many different sports and hopefully find a few that they will persue for the rest of their life. The curriculum is based on the state standards for each grade level and incorporates academic information as well as physical challenges. Students also are tested on the state fitness test exam twice a year to assess their fitness levels. 
In an effort for every child to be able to participate at the best of their ability, we do expect students to be dressed in their p.e. uniform daily. Proper footware is also important, so please make sure your student has athletic shoes for p.e. class. Students are expected to have their lab manual with them, or a binder with binder paper and a writing utensil daily so they can complete the academic portion of class as well.


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Syllabus Signature Form
9/14/14 11:12 AM - David Gongwer

7th grade Dance Steps and Music
1/15/14 4:37 PM - David Gongwer

Make Up Asignments for Absents
9/14/14 11:12 AM - David Gongwer

7th Grade Lab Manual 2015-2016
8/12/15 1:27 PM - David Gongwer
8th Grade Lab Manual 2015-2016
8/12/15 1:28 PM - David Gongwer
At Home Make up Assignment
8/13/14 11:40 AM - David Gongwer
Warm up Good Time
9/25/15 12:57 PM - David Gongwer
Hazdovac, Mary
Johnson, Kimberly
Carlin, Danielle 
McEntee, Diane

Beaudin, David
Gongwer, David
Rubiales, Randall

Sordello, Michael