Brief Synopsis and Character Breakdown

Do You Wanna Dance?

Brief Synopsis

You’ll be dancing in the streets with this brand new musical created just for student performers about the power of working together and following your dreams. Do You Wanna Dance? is a musical romp featuring all of your favorite songs from the past decades combined with an uplifting and inspiring story.

Singing and dancing is what draws everyone to the town of SnapHappy, Ohio, in May of 1995 to meet Mayor Pete’s new wife, Mona Lightfoot. But after she literally pulls the plug on the May Day celebration, the politics of dancing start to take the snap out of happy. Delaney, Chad, Lucas, Emma and all of the SnapHappy kids are shocked when they hear that a new “dance tax” has been levied on anyone who dances in town. While their “boogie down” parents try to cope with the new tax, all of the kids come together and take a stand.

DYWD? Character List


Delaney Duzwell – Delaney is a Senior, full of positive energy, at Snaphappy Hight. She is well-liked and a natural leader at the High School.  With her strong and upbeat character, Delaney can motivate all the other youth of Snaphappy. Dancing is her life.


Chad Lightfoot – Chad is the son of the town Mayor and a Senior at Snaphappy High. He’s a good kid, into sports as well as singing and dancing. Yet, there is a certain vulnerability in Chad due to the loss of his mom and his struggle to accept his new stepmother. He becomes Delaney’s boyfriend during the show.


Mayor Pete Lightfoot – Mayor Lightfood is an affable and beloved mayor who wants to do what is best for the town of Snaphappy. Unfortunately, he is blinded by his feelings for his new wife and easily allows her to lead him down a misguided path, much to the dismay of his son, Chad.


Mona Lightfoot – Mona is the Mayor’s complicated new wife. She has a severe dancing phobia. When she arrives in Snaphappy her fears are laid bare when she learns that the entire town loves to dance. To mask her insecurity she behaves like a tyrant, alienating almost everybody, especially Chad. She insists on having things her way until she is finally won over by the accepting Townsfolk.


Lucas – Lucas in a true jock, but not much of a dancer – or so he things.  He is Chad’s best friend and fairly awkward with girls, until he meets Emma. Everything she does simply amazes him.


Emma – Emma is an exuberant cheerleader and Delaney’s long time best friend. She is also more than a little infatuated with Lucas whom she impresses with her amazing flexibility and athleticism. For Emma, there is always a reason to cartwheel, flip, or do a jump or the splits.


Daphne Duzwell – Daphne is Delaney’s mother and is the co-owner, with her husband Don, of the D-D-D Dance Studio. She has the same spunk as her daughter, Delaney. With a heart of gold, she loves her husband and all her dance students, which includes everybody in town.


Don Duzwell – Don is Delany’s father and co=owner of the D-D-D Dance Studio. He is a bit square and move or a worrier than Daphne, together, they manage to keep their Dance Studio afloat.


Principal Mr. Wizzle or Ms. Wizzle – He/she is the principal of the high school and a bit of a busy body. He/she loves all the students but is reluctant to buck the town leadership. Mr. or Ms. Wizzle is constantly irritated that everyone makes fun of their name – (Wizzle not Weasel).


Mrs. Susan Mansford – Susan is a mother and a student and D-D-D Dance Studio. She sings and dances with relish, but can be prone to faint in public. She is one of the Townsfolk and has a featured duet in “Shake Your Groove Thing”


Mr. Bob Mansford – Mr. Mansford is a father and a student at the D-D-D Dance Studio, and quite the dancer. His wife, Susan, keeps him on his toes. He is one of the Towsnfolk and has a features duet in “Shake Your Groove Thing”.


Police Officer Carlisle – Officer Carlisle is the local Chief of Police who is charged with enforcing the new “dance tax”. Although it is painful for him, he reluctantly does so.


Kids’ Ensemble Characters (group of 8 or more with step out solos and dialog):

Cheerleaders (4-8)

Jocks (4-8)

Twins – Jenny and Katie







Taylor Simpson

Tanya Simpson



Ashley Mansford

Tammy (Tommy)


Townsfolk Ensemble Characters (group of 8 or more with some step out solos and dialogue):
Mrs. Ogilvie – opinionated, busybody about everything in Snaphappy

Mr. & Mrs. Simpson – Parents of Taylor and Tanya

Sister or Reverend Caresalot – Church leader of Snaphappy

Brandon’s Mom – Sherry

Graduation DJ

Mr. and Mrs. Lester

Blake Bankston