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Resources to help me...

Intro to Genius Hour

Rules and Guidelines to Follow

* 3Bs rules to follow

What is Genius Hour? - Video

Genius Hour Rules

KAMS Digital Citizenship Guidelines



Explore Your Topics

* I’m not sure what I’m interested in and I’d like to explore some topics that interest me

Ask Yourself What Would You Like to Learn? - Video Sites to Explore to Get Ideas

Instructables -

Wiki How To - National Geographic Magazine - or

Newsela -

DOGO News -

Smithsonian -

Tween Tribune -

Wonderopolis -

Brainstorming websites Mindmeister

Brainstorming video
Ways to Brainstorm Ideas

Bad Ideas Samples

Examples of Bad Ideas

List of Sample Bad Ideas

Sample Final Projects Projects Under 2 mins 20Time Projects


Generate Questions & Select a Topic

* I know what topic I am interested in researching

* I'm brainstorming questions about my interested topics

* I'm seeking feedback from peers

* I am coming up with all the related information and questions connected with my interested topic

Genius Hour Project Proposal



Begin Your Research

* I have a clear idea of what I need to research

* I have a clear set of questions that will help guide my research

* What resources can I use?

* I'm researching information and documenting what I learn

Research Graphic Organizer- Handout

Research Websites

Britannica Encyclopedia

InfoPlease Encyclopedia

Wikipedia (General Background)

Google Scholar

EBSCO Databases

Research Tips

How to Google like a Pro

How to use EBSCO Explora Database



Pick & Plan Presentation

* I'm putting a plan together to present what I learned about my topic

* I’m working on the final product to present my new ideas and information

Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools to Explore Top Ten Presentation Websites


Present to Class & Beyond

* I'm ready to share what I learned with the class and the world

Presentation Tips Examples of Good/Bad Presentations
Public Speaking Tips



* What did you learn?

* What would you do differently next time?

* What topic(s) do you want to research next?

Final Thoughts & Assesment

Reflection Journal Entry


Genius Hour Student & Teacher Grading Rubric


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