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KAMS Enrichment Teachers

Wesley Buchannan - AVID
Michelle Campbell - Theater Arts, Yearbook, Exploring AME
Georgia Gikunoo - Spanish
David Gongwer - Sports, Games and Fitness
Megan Grigsby - Film Studies, Writing Out Loud
Meredith Halseth - Academic Writing for Success
Mary Hazdovac - Leadership
Kim Johnson - Dance
Kate Malone - AVID, Honors Prep for Success
Jennifer Martinez - English Language Learner Support
Donna McNeel - Leadership, TV Journalism (KAMS TV)
Iileita McTizic - Art, Digital Photography, Exploring AME
Bethany Moslen - Band, Guitar, Academic Strategies
Jaime Overton - Future Quest, Design Thinking
Ashlea Patterson - AVID
Terri Randall - AVID, Honors Prep for Success
Natalie Santana - Geography Around the World
Traci Seto - Computer Technology, Intro to Programming

James Looper - Agriculture Science
Shelley Walker - English Language Learner Support