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September 2023
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Katherine Albiani Middle School Clubs 2021- 2022
This year KAMS has a variety of clubs to suit the needs of all students. We encourage students to get involved. Clubs not only provide students with an opportunity to explore a topic of interest, but it also allows a safe place for students to be with friends and have fun!  Students can join a club at any time. If they would like to start a club, they simply need a teacher advisor to oversee the club and a minimum of 15 students to show interest.  When students turn in the club paperwork, ASB then approves the club and  meetings can begin.  Friday at lunch students can sign up for clubs they are interested I attending. 
Club & Description
Day & Time
+Albiani All Stars Club
The Albiani All-Star Award is one of the highest and most prestigious awards that students can earn while attending Katherine Albiani Middle School. Students who receive their Albiani All-Star Award have exhibited excellent citizenship both inside and outside of school. Hours of service will begin from the first day of school in 7th grade, and continue through April of the 8th grade year. In order to earn the Albiani All-Star Award, students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, with no F’s or U’s on their transcript. Students cannot be on the No Activity List two weeks prior to the 8th grade Awards Night where they will be honored. Students are active members of the Albiani All-Star Club while completing the requirements for this award. They attend meetings throughout the school year, complete petitions to document their work toward the award, complete a final essay, and regularly meet with the Albiani All-Star Advisors.
2nd & 4th 
Tuesday of the Month
 7:30- 8am

First meeting is 
September 28th
+Anime Club
A place where anime and manga lovers can have a fun and free place to talk about anime. We will watch anime movies, talk about manga, and of course, cosplay. We are hoping to attend a Con when it is safe to do so. We’ll make sure that everyone in the club can have fun without hindering or bothering each other's love for anime.

3:00-4:15 pm

First meeting is September 24th
Asian American Club
A place to meet and connect with other Asian American students at KAMS. Learn about the different Asian cultures represented here on campus. Share and collaborate with other clubs about Asian American traditions.

Mrs. Kennedy
Mrs. Wagner
Mrs. Hills
First Thursday
of the Month
8:00 - 8:45 a.m.

First meeting is
Oct. 7th
Battle of the Books Library Club
Do you LOVE to read?  Do you like competition?  Join our KAMS Battle of the Books Club!  We will be reading 3-4 books as a club and learn to work collaboratively with team mates to answer questions about each book.  We will then compete in a FINAL virtual “Battle” with other middle schools in EGUSD.  Come join us reading some great books and having fun participating in a competition using your book knowledge! 
Mrs. Kennedy
Meets every other Thursday morning

First Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 30th 8:15 - 9:00 a.m.

This club is an opportunity for all students interested in Black culture to gather and discuss common interests and topics on campus and in the larger community. In addition, there are opportunities to partner with other BSUs across the district for virtual events that enhance literacy and understanding between cultures and promote self-awareness and pride among Black students relative to their culture and heritage.
Mr. Caston
Mrs. Patterson
Ms. McTizic
Sra. Gikunoo
1st Thursday of the month
8:00 am-8:45 am
First Meeting on Thursday, October 7th
+Chick Chat
To provide a safe place for pre-teen/teen girls to reflect, talk about the tough stuff, and receive healthy feedback in an environment that supports positive values & morals.
Mrs. Hendryx
1st Wednesday of each month after school 3:10 - 3:45
Club Live & #ICANHELP (Joining Forces)
Club Live program engages middle school students in opportunities to develop leadership skills and a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle through alternative activities and involvement in their community. The focus is on changing community norms related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as preventing and reducing harm to young people and community members.

#ICANHELP- delete negativity
Our club is created for students to have a place to be educated and empowered to use social media Positively as a way to combat cyber issues and Delete Negativity, through Kindness and Empathy.
SCOE Intern:
Michelle Daggett
On Campus Advisors:
Mrs. Hazdovac
Ms. McNeel
(2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursday of each Month)
8:15- 9am
 by SCOE Intern
1st meeting is October 14th
Drama Club: KAMS Theatre Company                                A club for students who are interested in performing arts (acting, singing, dancing, and back-stage work). Members do not need to be in the school productions or in the Theatre Arts: Drama or Musical Theatre classes. All members are welcome to participate in Night of The Arts, and can apply to be part of the cast or crew for our after school productions..
Mrs. Campbell
Ms. Hamby
Check Minga & Google Classroom
(Secure Accessible Friendly Environment)
A place for people who may be a little different where they can feel free to be themselves. All are welcome. The club is especially welcoming for LGBTQ kids, allies, and students who are anxious in social situations.  Members will have the chance to hang out, talk, connect with others, and do some good for the community while having fun. Diversity is our strength!


7:30-8:00 am
Vibe Tribe
A club focused on making new friends, socializing, and creating a support system outside of class. This club is encouraged for both 7th and 8th graders. During club meetings students check in with each other, play games, and connect.
Breanna Atallah
Every Friday 7:30am-8:00am
First Mtg Oct. 1st
KAMS Cooking Club
Description: Learn how to cook a variety of awesome recipes and kitchen safety.  
Friday Mornings 7:30-8:00 (bell)
KPD Club- (K-POP Dance Club)
You can learn K-POP dance and meet others who like    K-POP. Learn Korean music. Everyone is welcome!  We will work on dances to perform during lunch time  and at upcoming festivals.
Mrs. Howe

Mrs. Halseth
Tuesday @3-3:30 pm
Thursday@ 3-3:30pm
1st meeting Sept. 21st in MG-6
2nd meeting Sept. 23rd in MH-8
Chess Club
Come to school and exercise your brain with a game of chess! Students will meet twice a month to play matches against each other. Our year will conclude with a chess tournament.
1st meeting Sept 28 in MJ 11
Bring Chrome book

Dance Club
Come learn dances, meet new friends, have fun and we can perform during lunches
3:10- 4pm
1st meeting- 
Oct 5th
Amaryllis Club
The Amaryllis Club is for those who wish to create stories. Here you can make comics (manga/manhwa/manhua), webtoons, or anything else! You can collaborate with other club members to create them, and join competitions! Feel free to collaborate with others to proofread and edit your works. We look forward to sharing ideas!
Video Game Crew

Come and hang out to talk about video games, meet new people and find new people to play games with. We may watch Youtube videos about different gamers and video games as well. 
7th grade  Lunch
1st meeting 
Sept. 23rd.
Drawing Club
It is a club for students that enjoy drawing, sketching, coloring and animating.  Student driven instructions or just a time to sit and draw.

2nd Fridays of the month 
First Meeting
 Oct. 8th
Star Wars Club
A club that provides a place for students with an interest in Star Wars and wish to share their passion with other students. The Star Wars club will serve as a social group allowing students to enjoy their passion in a safe place on campus. New Jedis are always welcome, even if you know nothing about Star Wars! 
J. Miller
7th grade Lunch